The Malaysian Microplastics Network (MyMiP) is a multidisciplinary network to promote and enhance the interest relevant to plastics and microplastics research and collaboration.
The aims of the network for stakeholders are:
• Quantitative and qualitative inventory of micro(plastics) in Malaysia
• Information sharing between researchers and stakeholders (public policy engagement)
• Develop strategies for tackling the issue through collaborative working
• Informing evidence-based policy decisions on waste management and strategy
The MyMiP is also as part of the GCRF Global Research Translation Awards (GRTA) awarded to University of East Anglia under the project title “Meeting the SDGs: creating innovative infrastructures and policy solutions to support sustainable development in Global communities (GS-DEV)” and microplastics is part of the project. The project is funded by the United Kingdom Research and Innovation (UKRI). The aim of the GTRA microplastics project is to build up microplastics monitoring capacity in Malaysia and to map microplastics contamination levels across this country. This project also aims to educate the community in term to reduce the single plastic used and to influence evidence-based policy decisions on waste management and strategy.